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Winning Against Mobile Security Threats

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Can All Your Devices Keep a Secret?

In an era where business is conducted in the palm of your hand, your smartphone or iPad might just know too much. And let's face it — in today's business world, some secrets need to stay under lock and key.

That's why it's time to consider protecting all your mobile devices from cyber threats. We can wrap your mobile devices in a security blanket so tight that your data's going nowhere but where it belongs.

Ready for ironclad mobile security? Let's get started. 

Why Mobile Phone Security Is a Must

The Modern Challenge

As our workplaces become more versatile, we've seen a surge in mobile device usage. It's like these gadgets are part of the team now. And just like any valuable team member, they need protection – that's where mobile security steps in. 

Inherent Vulnerability

Unlike their office-bound counterparts, it's a jungle out there for your mobile devices, making them easy prey for physical theft and digital piracy. 

A Bigger Target

The very mobility of these devices expands their risk landscape, with threats lurking around every corner – from dodgy apps to insecure Wi-Fi networks.  

1300 INTECH | Your Business IT Support Partner | Mobile Phone Security

What 1300 INTECH Offers

When it comes to mobile security, we at 1300 INTECH don't just tick boxes; we redraw the boundaries of protection. Our choice of champion:

Sophos Mobile Security

It's tailor-made to tackle the nasties of the cyber realm - malware, ransomware, you name it, across all platforms (Yes - Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, and even Linux!).

What Makes Our Mobile Phone Security Stand Out

Cutting-Edge Malware Defense

By integrating signature-based methods, behavioral analysis, and advanced machine learning, we stay leaps and bounds ahead of malware - so you can go about your day worry-free.

Reliable Ransomware Protection

No ransoms on our watch! Thanks to CryptoGuard, we're talking real-time, ironclad ransomware defense - keeping your files just the way you left them, safe and sound. 

Efficient Endpoint Detection & Response

With top-tier EDR capabilities, we quickly identify and neutralise potential threats, keeping your operations smooth and secure.

Enhanced Web Safety

Say goodbye to risky websites and hello to safer browsing. With our web protection, navigating the internet becomes safer. We block dangerous websites and prevent browser-based exploits, ensuring you only land in safe spaces. 

Simplified Security Management

Through Sophos Central, experience ease in managing and monitoring the security of your phone from a unified console.

Get Started with Mobile Phone Security Today

Why Wait? Don't let your mobile security be an afterthought. With 1300 INTECH, stepping up your defense is straightforward, effective, and tailored to your needs. Plus, with a free 30-day trial of Sophos Intercept X, you've got nothing to lose but everything to secure. 

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