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Keep it Clear, Keep it Real with Microsoft SharePoint

At 1300 InTech, we're big believers in Microsoft SharePoint and its ability to transform the way businesses collaborate and manage their digital assets. But, true to our commitment to transparency and earning your trust, it's important to share the full picture. 

What Microsoft Sharepoint Can Do For You

Effortless Collaboration

This is where Microsoft SharePoint shines. It lets multiple users get their heads together on the same document simultaneously (real-time co-authoring).  

Centralised Document Management

Keep all your business files in one place, organized just how you like them. No more hunting for documents, with powerful search capabilities! 

Robust Security

Stay in control of who gets to see what. Microsoft SharePoint's granular access control means your sensitive information stays protected. 

Version Control

With SharePoint, everyone accesses the latest version, but a full audit history is always available for rollbacks and change tracking.

What to Keep In Mind

Learning Curve

Microsoft SharePoint is feature-rich, which is excellent, but it can be overwhelming. It's not just a 'plug-and-play' platform — preparing your team to use it effectively is crucial. 


With great power comes great complexity. Customising Microsoft SharePoint to fit your needs can involve a steep learning curve and might require expert assistance. 


Yes, Microsoft SharePoint needs love in the form of regular maintenance to keep it performing at its peak.

1300 INTECH | Your Business IT Support Partner | Microsoft Sharepoint

Why We're Telling You This

We believe in partnerships built on honesty. If Microsoft SharePoint is right for you, we want you to choose it with your eyes wide open, knowing exactly what to expect. And if it has drawbacks for your specific situation, we'd rather help you find an alternative that truly meets your needs. 

Think Microsoft SharePoint? Think 1300 INTECH!

We promise to keep it real with you, always. So, when you're ready for straight-shooting advice on SharePoint or any other tech solutions to power your business, just reach out. We're here to make IT straightforward and effective without the sugar coating.

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