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We Turn your 'Oh No' Moments into 'No Problem' Solutions with our Disaster Recovery Systems

Downtime doesn’t have to be a disaster, even when it comes out of nowhere. But fear not, we're here to make sure that doesn't happen. With our state-of-the-art disaster recovery solutions, you can protect what you've worked so hard to build.  To us, it's not just about systems, it's about protecting the dreams you've built around them.

What Makes Our Diasater Recovery Systems Stand Out

Quick Recovery

When a server fails, every minute counts, and we totally get that. That's why our specialized Windows workstation steps into action quickly- we're talking hours, not days - to make sure your workflow barely skips a beat.

Automated Recovery

Our system doesn't just dust off an old backup from last week.  With us, you're keeping your data in near real-time sync. This means if you're hit by a server failure, you're not just recovering; you're virtually stepping back in time by minutes, armed with the most up-to-date data to get back on track as seamlessly as possible.

Tested Assurance

Every three to six months, we put our disaster recovery plan to the test. This isn't just tech talk; we ensure you have proof that your backup system is resilient, dependable, and always ready whenever you need it.

Continuous Monitoring

We keep a round-the-clock eye on your systems. This way, we can jump into action the moment something seems off, tackling issues before they even have a chance to become headaches. It's proactive care at its best, ensuring the safety and smooth operation of your business.


Paul R. – Think Accountants

"What sets 1300 INTECH apart, is not just their technical expertise, but also their dedication to understanding our specific needs as an accounting firm. They tailor their solutions to optimize our efficiency and security, allowing us to focus on serving our clients with confidence."

CEO - National Not-for-Profit

"It is extremely rare to find services that are of the calibre of InTech. They have old fashioned integrity, care and concern for their customers and professionalism, along with providing the latest platforms and IT solutions."

Anna E. - Professional Services

"Since engaging 1300 INTECH to assist with our IT needs, the service they have provided has been exceptional. The team is always very responsive, reliable and willing to assist with all matters, big and small."

James S. - CSC Civil

"Their advice has been invaluable in setting up a tailored, cost effective and secure system for our business’s specific needs."

Heather P. – Densal

"Their expert team ensures our systems run smoothly and prioritises safeguarding our valuable data through robust backup solutions."

Sue T. – Percheron Tx

"We had no idea what to do when ‘Cryptolocker’ infected one of our computers a few Friday’s ago. But a single call to our IT Support Group, 1300 INTECH, was all it took to get the ball rolling to fix our problem."

Why Trust us With Your Disaster Recovery Systems

Strategic Resilience

Server hiccups shouldn't give you a heart hiccup. We plan for these moments so that if they happen, you'll barely notice. It's all about keeping that lovely business of yours ticking over smoothly.

Accessible Expertise

We're not just any tech company; we're your neighbors in Melbourne, true blue and local. Our expertise is as accessible as it is advanced, giving you that personalized service you won't find just anywhere.

Continued Support

We've got you covered, start to finish. From the first look to laying it all out and keeping things running smoothly, our support sticks with you through every step of your disaster recovery journey.

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