Meet Theodore the GTF - proudly our Mascot since 2006

Curious about the frog you see on our website? Many wonder why a frog is associated with a computer company. At 1300 INTECH, Theodore the GTF is a constant reminder to us all that there ARE more important things.

What's with the Frog? 

It's a question we get asked a lot. What has a frog got to do with Computers?

Or with business, for that matter? Well, it doesn't matter what any of us do for a living, we can all make choices to lighten our footprint on the Earth. And back in 2006, when we were looking for a mascot, we wanted to find a way to remind us every day how important it is to take care of our planet.

So, what better mascot could we have than a genuine, all-Australian, racing Green Tree Frog? An image to balance our technology-rich lives with with the beauty and needs of our earthly companions.


Theodore's Story

Decision made, we then went in search of the cutest GTF we could find, and where else would you look than at the Melbourne Zoo. Theodore was just a baby in 2007 when we found him, born and raised  by expert frog-keeper Damian Goodall (he's MUCH more than that).

But, he REALLY does love GTF's and he's an expert in the world of Herpetology; and his attachment to these gorgeous little creatures is both wonderful and infectious.

These days, frogs all over the world are struggling to survive - they thrive in healthy environments, but quickly disappear as the toxins rise.

So please keep Theodore and all his mates in mind when you’re next disposing of almost anything. They're all relying on us to do the 'right' thing to keep our world as pristine as possible.

And if you can hear frogs each day where you live, then aren't you the lucky ones!


Protecting Frogs and the Environment

Frogs worldwide face threats due to environmental degradation and pollution. By advocating for the well-being of Theodore and his amphibian friends, we promote environmental consciousness and responsibility. 

And, if you want to know more about frogs in Australia, why not visit the Royal Melbourne Zoo, or go to 

Technical Details 

Genus: Litoria Caerulea 

Family: Hylidae 

Common Name: Common Green Tree Frog