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Say Goodbye to Data Worries

Securing your all your business data is not only 'mission-critical', it's what we do all the time. Regular, automated backups, with minimal human intervention, and monitored by 1300 INTECH, ensure your valuable data is recoverable from almost any eventuality. Automated Data Backups are a game-changer for small business, providing peace of mind, knowing that the business’s digital assets are continuously stored safely out of harms way.

Key Benefits of Automated Data Backups

Continuous Protection

We help you decide exactly what needs protecting. We then set up an Automated Data Backup system that works perfectly in your environment, without human intervention. And then we monitor performance to ensure everything runs perfectly. Super-efficient, super-effective, super-safe.

Cost Effective

Losing the odd data file here can be a little frustrating. But, there are situations outside your control which CAN result in thousands of files going in a heartbeat, and recovery can not only prove costly, it may be impossible. All your business data is 'mission-critical' and protecting it most cost-effective.

Off-Site Storage

We can take your data protection a step further by offering secure off-site storage. This added extra layer of security ensures your precious data is protected and revoerable from even the most serious calamities. This is part of our commitment to data security, providing you peace of mind, and knowing your data is secure and recoverable, no matter what.


Our backup systems are smart and efficient. This is important when your business is growing, or when data needs ramp up. Full backups are taken periodically, and supplemented by follow-up backups of new or changed data. This means our backups save time and money by keeping data storage to a minimum, and so making the most of your resources.


Paul R. – Think Accountants

"Their proactive approach to managing our hardware and computer systems has ensured that our operations run smoothly without any disruptions. From regular maintenance to swift troubleshooting, they've consistently gone above and beyond to keep our technology infrastructure robust and reliable."

Heather P. – Densal

"Their expert team ensures our systems run smoothly and prioritises safeguarding our valuable data through robust backup solutions. As a business Administration Manager, knowing our data backups were stored locally and, in the cloud, gives me peace of mind."

Sue T. – Percheron Tx

"We had no idea what to do when ‘Cryptolocker’ infected one of our computers a few Friday’s ago. But a single call to our IT Support Group, 1300 INTECH, was all it took to get the ball rolling to fix our problem.

We were back up and running on Monday morning and didn’t lose a single file."

Dirk W. - EnviroCare

"In the increasingly technical world in which we live and operate it is very comforting to know that we have such experts a mere phone call away, leaving us to fully concentrate on what we do best."

What We Promise with Our Automated Data Backups

Reliable Protection

With 1300 INTECH, you get a backup service that’s built for small businesses. We get how unique your needs are so we meticulously designed our service to cater to the specific needs of your business assuring you of its security and reliability. No one-size-fits-all here, just the right fit for you.

Peace of Mind

With our automated backup, you can strike one worry off your list. Our automated data backups service functions tirelessly in the background, ensuring your essential files are secure and readily retrievable whenever you need them.

Compliance Readiness

 Regulations and legal requirements can cause quite a headache, but there’s no need to worry. We’re here to ensure your data backup meets all necessary regulations effortlessly. Our backup systems guarantee that your data is handled the right way, keeping you in line with any legal requirements.

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We get that your business is a big deal, and we’re here to give it the VIP treatment it deserves. We’ve got your back (and your backup) at 1300 INTECH. Let’s make data worries a thing of the past, while you keep your business moving forward smoothly.

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