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1300 INTECH | Your Business IT Support Partner
Who We Are

Decades of Proven Expertise

At 1300 INTECH, we bring over 20 years of hands-on experience to support small and mid-sized businesses. We’re not just an IT company; we’re your partners in Tech, ensuring your business thrives with just the right amount of IT support, tailored to your needs, without the one-size-fits-all mentality.  You deserve the best, and that's what we deliver – with care. Because to us, your success is personal. 

Why Choose Us

Partnership Beyond Technology

Our clients and staff stay with us for decades, a testament to our commitment and service 
quality. At 1300 INTECH, we believe in building long-lasting relationships, where support 
extends beyond IT - it’s about having someone who truly understands and backs your 
business vision. That’s the invaluable difference of low client and staff turnover - 
consistent, reliable, and trustworthy service.  

1300 INTECH | Your Business IT Support Partner
How We Do It

Custom IT Solutions for Unique Business Needs  

Recognising that no two businesses are alike – even within the same industry – we’ve honed our ability to pinpoint where your IT investment makes the most impact. Whether it's IT Consulting, IT Support, or Cybersecurity, our offerings adapt to meet your needs. And for small businesses, our Ad-hoc support provides just the right amount of help, without stretching your budget. At 1300 INTECH, your tech journey is secure, understood, and uniquely yours. Because here, it's all about what's best for you.

Your Full Service Options

Economy IT Service

Our Economy IT Service package offers basic tech support for small businesses.
It includes discounted prepaid hours for tasks like device setup, network troubleshooting, security checks, and Domain management, without long-term contracts.
Recommended options include:
Office 365 Backups
Antivirus and Patch Management
Remote Monitoring
Remote Support

Premium IT Service

Our Premium IT Service package offers comprehensive tech support for businesses at a fixed price per seat.
It includes 24/7 monitoring, patch updates, enterprise security, discounted remote support with extended support hours, guaranteed response times and hardware discounts.
Recommended options include:
Mobile Phone Security
Dark Web Monitoring
DNS Web Filtering
Documentation Vault
IT Asset Register
24/7 Ransomware Protection and Remediation
1300 INTECH | Your Business IT Support Partner | Testimonials


Paul R. – Think Accountants

“As a boutique accounting firm, our operations depend heavily on seamless and secure computer systems. We've been fortunate to partner with 1300 INTECH for some years now for our IT needs, and their service has been nothing short of exceptional.

Their proactive approach to managing our hardware and computer systems has ensured that our operations run smoothly without any disruptions. From regular maintenance to swift troubleshooting, they've consistently gone above and beyond to keep our technology infrastructure robust and reliable.

What sets 1300 INTECH apart, is not just their technical expertise, but also their dedication to understanding our specific needs as an accounting firm. They tailor their solutions to optimize our efficiency and security, allowing us to focus on serving our clients with confidence.

We highly recommend 1300 INTECH to any business seeking reliable and proactive IT support. Their professionalism, responsiveness, and commitment to client satisfaction make them an invaluable partner.”

1300 INTECH | Your Business IT Support Partner | Testimonials


Shirlene S. – South East Volunteers

“I have been working with 1300 INTECH for over 16 years as they have been the provider of IT support for our organisation, South East Volunteers (SEV). We are a non-profit organisation and as such money can be a bit on the tight side. 1300 INTECH have taken that into consideration and have provided us with first class service that we can afford.

They have supported our programs and sometimes our lack of IT understanding and have not worked for us, but with us. When I first commenced at SEV, there were only 2 email addresses and very little Internet service. 1300 INTECH provided us with advice and support to bring our organisation in line with best practice. They advised us on software, hardware and answered our many concerns with patience and, to some extent, kind humour.

We did have a time many years ago, that we were hacked and held to ransom. InTech stepped up, worked long into the wee hours of the morning to secure our systems, and updates us with extra firewalls – and more training for staff on what NOT to do.

At the commencement of lockdown, Intech jumped into action and got all 15 of our staff connected to MS Teams, laptops and gave us Zoom lessons – all within about a 48-hour time frame. There was no such thing as too many phone calls or silly questions.

1300 INTECH took SEV from an organisation with only 2 email addresses to what we are today, with the latest technology (MS Teams phones, WIFI, Remote Working Spaces, VPN) and ensures that we are cybersafe at all times.

I have worked with all of the staff at 1300 INTECH , and I must say that I have not found a lemon amongst them. They all have their “specialties”, but they work well as a team, and complement each other. They provide personal service and extremely professional work ethic, but not forgetting that we are not IT gurus and sometimes we need a bit more explanations.

I cannot recommend Emmanuel and his team at 1300 INTECH highly enough and I am extremely grateful for the service they have provided for us in the past and will continue to provide us into the future.

1300 INTECH | Your Business IT Support Partner | Testimonials


Julie O. – BPD Community Victoria

“Emmanuel and his team have been integral to BPD Community Victoria for several years now. Their support is consistently swift and professional, offering reassurance that help is always just an email or phone call away. Their patience and dedication are impressive, never making anyone feel inadequate. We're incredibly grateful for their unwavering assistance and commitment to our community’s operational well-being.”

1300 INTECH | Your Business IT Support Partner | Testimonials


Sharon B. – Chess Ideas

“We have had the pleasure of working with INTECH for over 10 years.

They are a professional company that is always available to sort out all our IT issues immediately.

Over the years we have worked with many of their specialists, and they all have been so friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful, they always find a solution to every issue we have had.

I can call and within no time they are on board helping us. They have access to work online with all our computers, which enables them to fix the problems remotely. This has been a huge advantage for us as we all work in different locations.

We have also bought our laptops and computers and security systems from INTECH, we receive them promptly and they set them up, another painless transition always. WE have just had them transfer our company from using a server to the Cloud, this was done over a weekend, thus there was no interruption to our work.

Their advice and help over the years have been invaluable and we can highly recommend them.

1300 INTECH | Your Business IT Support Partner | Testimonials


Emily D. – Anchormark

“We have used INTECH for well over a decade and always feel supported by them. Whether by phone or email, they are quick to respond and resolve any issues. They look after our company from start to finish, from setting up of our technology, monitoring and maintenance, problem resolution, and advice. We are very grateful for the high level of service that INTECH provide to us.”

1300 INTECH | Your Business IT Support Partner | Testimonials


James S. – CSC Civil

“We have found Intech’s service to be exemplary, always available at short notice to resolve critical issues whether remotely or onsite.

Their advice has been invaluable in setting up a tailored, cost effective and secure system for our business’s specific needs.

Their advice is also proactive which reduces the risk of significant downtime in getting our system back online.”

1300 INTECH | Your Business IT Support Partner | Testimonials


Trish H. - Eastern Underground

“1300 INTECH are may all round go to for all my IT requirements.

They have always supplied me with different options and prices for all hardware required and prices always prove to be at a competitive rate.

Most importantly, to me, is that their service and assistance with any technical issues is exceptional. The IT team are always quick to respond to my calls for assistance and are their professional knowledge of the IT world is outstanding.

I have been dealing with 1300 INTECH for over 10 years for both my personal and business IT requirements and have never had any issues.

Great work, 1300 INTECH.”

1300 INTECH | Your Business IT Support Partner | Testimonials


Ian A. – Retired Business Owner

“1300 INTECH are the people I have been going to for computer support for over 25 years.

My experience with them overall has been excellent.

They are responsive, thoughtful problem solvers who bring an expertise to the issue that I appreciate.

Without them I could not keep in touch with today’s world.”

1300 INTECH | Your Business IT Support Partner | Testimonials

Admin Manager

Heather P. – Densal

“In today's digital world, where data is the lifeblood of any business, having reliable IT support is crucial. Despite our rural location, 1300 INTECH didn't skip a beat. They provided remote assistance and made onsite visits whenever necessary, making IT management a breeze and simple for our staff.

Their expert team ensures our systems run smoothly and prioritises safeguarding our valuable data through robust backup solutions. As a business Administration Manager, knowing our data backups were stored locally and, in the cloud, gives me peace of mind.

Overall, I can't recommend 1300 INTECH highly enough for their exceptional IT support services and commitment to protecting our data. They've become an invaluable partner in our business success, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any business in need of a caring IT support company.”

1300 INTECH | Your Business IT Support Partner | Testimonials

Office Manager

Adele S. – Zerella Group

“We would like to give a testimonial to 1300 INTECH.

Before we partnered with 1300 INTECH, we had an outdated computer system that wasn’t meeting our needs. 1300 INTECH came in and redesigned our entire system, sourcing hardware and software, meeting our needs, now and into the future, exceeding our expectations all whilst coming in on budget.

They kept us informed every step of the way and have supported us since the installation, making sure we have minimum downtime and disruption in resolving any issues that arise. The technicians at 1300 INTECH always provide unmatched customer service and we would highly recommend using them.

1300 INTECH | Your Business IT Support Partner | Testimonials


Emily H. – Orana Neighbourhood House

“It has been great working with 1300 INTECH.

Emmanuel and the team have shown expertise in installing equipment and seamlessly integrating our systems into a new website and email platform.

Their team's prompt and helpful support has been greatly appreciated, not only delivering on time but also ensuring a smooth transition.

We highly recommend 1300 INTECH to anyone seeking reliable IT services.

1300 INTECH | Your Business IT Support Partner | Testimonials

Jeanette C. – Home User

“Whew! My computer is OK…had not crashed as I feared it had, and came back to “life”- thanks to Brad’s skill in diagnosing the problem(s).

This is just a quick appreciative message I wanted to send, to say “thanks” for allocating Brad as my mobile technician – some time back now.

He knows my computer set-up well, and understands my patterns of usage. He has done a sterling job this afternoon, on analysis, technical ‘fixing’ and training for me, in very clear and concise terms.

I have much to be grateful for.

With many thanks."

1300 INTECH | Your Business IT Support Partner | Testimonials

Finance & Admin

Sue T. – Percheron Tx

“We had no idea what to do when ‘Cryptolocker’ infected one of our computers a few Friday’s ago. But a single call to our IT Support Group, 1300 INTECH, was all it took to get the ball rolling to fix our problem.

We were back up and running on Monday morning and didn’t lose a single file.

They’ve looked after our Computer Networks for over 5 years now and their service is always exemplary.

Rating: Highly recommended”

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