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Our expert IT Help Desk support helps you solve those daily tech issues!

Struggling with persistent IT issues that disrupt your business workflows? Ineffective support is not just frustrating, it can be very costly. 1300 INTECH’s IT Help Desk will give you the answers quickly, without the hassle of tickets and formalities - fast answers, when you want them, from a qualified tech, by phone. And, our extended support hours are another advantage. Expert, responsive service that addresses your needs, without delay.

What Makes Our IT Help Desk Stand Out

Centralised Contact

Taking a ticket and waiting in line is so 'old-school' - we've got experienced techs standing by on the phone whenever you need us, to deal with your problems, politely and efficiently. No more waiting for a call-back, you're in control.

Technical Expertise

Running an IT Help Desk is a specialised art - fixing problems remotely for non-technical people takes technical skill, and patience. Password resets, to freezing computers and everything in between, we can help your team get back to work, fast!

Personal Attention

We run a personable team on the IT Help Desk, so we get to know your business, and your people real fast. We're expert, patient and considerate, because we know that everyone needs help with something, sometime - even us! And, we love technology.

Plain Talk

Ever been bogged down by tech jargon? Impressing your staff with our technical mumbo-jumbo is NOT what we're about. Everyday, we deal with a myriad of people with all levels of technical capability - so, we always keep things clear and understandable.


Mark S. - Healthways

"All the INTECH staff have been knowledgeable about what they are doing, easy to communicate and work with, and diligent in their follow-up."

CEO - National Not-for-Profit

"It is extremely rare to find services that are of the calibre of InTech. They have old fashioned integrity, care and concern for their customers and professionalism, along with providing the latest platforms and IT solutions."

Pam B. - Transport

"The follow up calls and reassurance from them is outstanding - no job is too small either, and I can say the last 10 years with them has been amazing."

Anna E. - Professional Services

"Since engaging 1300 INTECH to assist with our IT needs, the service they have provided has been exceptional. The team is always very responsive, reliable and willing to assist with all matters, big and small."

Lynda R. - Plumbing

"Although 1300 INTECH is not often called upon, when they are, their assistance, communication and customer service is much appreciated."

Julie O. BPD Community Victoria

"Their patience and dedication are impressive, never making anyone feel inadequate."

Sharon B. - Chess Ideas

"I can call and in no time they are on board helping us. They have access to work online with all our computers, which enables them to fix the problems remotely. This has been a huge advantage for us as we all work in different locations."

Emily D. - Anchormark

"We have used INTECH for well over a decade and always feel supported by them. Whether by phone or email, they are quick to respond and resolve any issues."

Ian A. - Retired Business Owner

"They are responsive, thoughtful problem solvers who bring an expertise to the issue that I appreciate."

Adele S. – Zerella Group

"The technicians at 1300 INTECH always provide unmatched customer service and we would highly recommend using them."

Why Engage us for IT Help Desk Support

Great ROI

You're not just another ticket to us - by dealing with technical roadblocks efficiently, your people can get back to doing the job you need them to do. After a while, it seems as if we're part of your in-house workforce. 

Exceptional Service

From immediate troubleshooting to proactive monitoring and ongoing maintenance, we don't just meet expectations; we exceed them. With 1300 InTech, you're getting more than just an IT Help Desk - we're partners.

Streamlined Billing

No more time-wasting matching tickets to invoices with our monthly billing system - get pre-paid pre-paid support blocks and we'll keep track of the time and details on your behalf. Great IT tech support, without the headaches. 

Our IT Help Desk is Waiting for You - Give Us a Try

You won't regret it!
If you're constantly juggling endless tech queries from Staff that stop you doing your own work, it's time to take action. Don't let IT issues hold you back.
Take a step towards hassle-free IT Support - focus on what you do best, and leave the tech to us.

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