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Arm Your Staff - Cybersecurity Training Will Protect Your Business

We're all too busy to worry about Cybersecurity - right? But, you do need to do SOMETHING! It's a world where one wrong click could mean game over.

The internet is the new wild west and 'they' are out to get you and your money. The cheapest and best defence is Cybersecurity Training, delivered to each staff member, fortnightly. And 10 minutes later, your business is a little bit safer.
Our obligation-free 14-day trial will show your team that Cybersecurity is important to you and your business. Fill out the form, and we'll do the rest. 

How Cybersecurity Training Works For You


We're not going to start throwing complex jargon at you. Each individal training course starts with a short video (2-3 mins), designed to be entertaining and effective. Each fortnight, one of 12 different aspects of cyber-danger will be explored, and 5 or 6 summary tips are provided to complete the course. And then comes the 13 question quiz. Every employee will learn about the threats lurking behind those 'innocent' communications.


Before commencing their Cybersecurity Training journey, each employee completes a questionairre, designed to measure their current knowledge about the internet and its dangers. This 'GAP Analysis' is then used to structure a specific course for each person, so everyone is on a different pathway, dealing with their weakest areas first. With our Cybersecurity Training, they receive focused and effective training that really works.


We cover a lot of ground during these training sessions, comprised of 12 different areas - Phishing, Secure Passwords, Physical Security, Security at Home, Working Remotely, Public WiFi, Social Engineering, Social Media, Mobile Device Security, Cloud Security, Removeable Media, Internet and Email Usage. You can see the odd Phishing simulation just won't cut it.


At the end of each quiz, the employee gets scored out of 100%, and this also enables you to see how they're doing. Do they understand the courseware, are there areas of weakness they could improve on, or are they SO bad they really shouldn't be on the internet at all? You won't know until you've seen some results in your own Company Portal.


This stuff definitely isn't boring - actually, it's quite good fun! And it gets those competitive juices. Imagine your Staff staff actually competing to be the best at Cybersecurity in your business! Doesn't that sound better than Personal Development days lost every year to endure tedious presentations? We swap the usual slideshow presentation for engaging and interactive online courses that are as much about team building as they are about learning.


We can even design trial Phishing simulations on your behalf, to discover who might get fooled into clicking on a nasty malware link. Knowing a Phishing simulation can come up at any time means your staff will pay closer attention to their regular emails, just in case they get caught out. And, if someone does get tricked, it's no big deal - all they need a little extra encouragement and guidance around what to look out for, so they don't fall for a real cyber attack.


Paul R. – Think Accountants

"As a boutique accounting firm, our operations depend heavily on seamless and secure computer systems. We've been fortunate to partner with 1300 INTECH for some years now for our IT needs, and their service has been nothing short of exceptional."

Shirlene S. – South East Volunteers

"InTech stepped up, worked long into the wee hours of the morning to secure our systems, and updates us with extra firewalls – and more training for staff on what NOT to do."

Neil B. - Insurance

"You guys are an important partner of ours and I appreciate all the support you give us." 

CEO - National Not-for-Profit

"It is extremely rare to find services that are of the calibre of InTech. They have old fashioned integrity, care and concern for their customers and professionalism, along with providing the latest platforms and IT solutions."

Shirlene S. - South East Volunteers

"INTECH took SEV from an organisation with only 2 email addresses to what we are today, with the latest technology (MS Teams phones, WIFI, Remote Working Spaces, VPN) and ensures that we are cybersafe at all times. "

Why Begin Cybersecurity Training

Massive ROI Potential

A successful cyber attack often starts with one careless 'click' by an employee who was tricked by cyber-criminals. So, it make sense to invest a few dollars in Cybersecurity Training now, so your Staff can help protect your business and their jobs from cyber-crime.

Easy Implementation

You won't need to spend any valuable time setting up your Cybersecurity Training - we'll set up a 14-day FREE trial, absolutely obligation free, and you can choose to proceed, or not, based on the facts. But in our experience, everyone continues because it works.

FREE 14-day Trial

We want to protect your business, so we'll set you ALL up on the full Cybersecurity Training program, including GAP Analysis and two complimentary training courses addressing their own special weaknesses. Then, we'll show you the results!

Don't delay! Start Cybersecurity Training Today

If your staff are untrained, don't waste another minute. It won't cost you anything, and we're SO confident our Cybersecurity Training program benefits you that we're prepared to do all the setup work set you up for nothing. You won't get a better offer than that to address the most pressing weakness in business today. Make the call.

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