Why Colour is the New Black for Business Printing

1300 INTECH | Your Business IT Support Partner | Why Colour is the New Black for Business Printing
  • April 23, 2024

With so many colours in the rainbow, why limit your business to dull black and white printing? Research tells us that colour has numerous psychological benefits when it comes to printing internal and external business documents. Understanding when to use colours and for which audience can ultimately help your brand engage with your clients on a deeper level and evoke the right responses.


The Psychology of Colour

There's extensive research that tells us specific colours trigger particular emotional responses. However, there is no set rule for this science, as everyone's reaction will be different based on their age, gender and personal experiences.

Despite these variations, there remains one clear truth: colour has impact. According to the Xerox Colour Survey conducted by Harris Interactive, 54 per cent of people said they were more likely to read marketing material if it was printed in colour, while 76 per cent said they found information faster when it was in colour.

Why is this the case? Think about how many advertisements and marketing items we're exposed to on a daily basis. With so many competing messages, it makes sense that our eyes are drawn to vibrant colours.


Building Your Brand

Beyond simply standing out and the visual appeal, colour can also help build an identity for your company by making your brand more recognisable. Picture some of the biggest brands in the world and the first colour that comes to mind for each - the iconic golden arches of McDonald’s, the red and white of Coca-Cola, the blue and white of Facebook.

Once you've settled on your brand's colour or colours of choice, use them consistently across all marketing collateral so customers establish the connection with your brand and remember it. However, be careful which colours you choose - certain colours, and even the names of certain colours, can lead to negative perceptions among different audiences.


Pairing Colour with Audience

Whether you're printing internal documents with the objective of driving some form of action among your employees, or you're launching a new print-based advertising campaign, choosing the right colour for your audience is vital.

In fact, one study revealed men and women have different preferences for colour. Whereas both genders listed blue as their favourite colour, one of the major discrepancies was purple, which women listed as one of their most preferred colours and men did not. Men also prefer bright colours, while women prefer soft colours.

When it comes to planning your next print-based marketing campaign, consider your target audience carefully and choose your colours wisely. It might just make all the difference.


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